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Madonna and Child 1320-30

Giotto Di Bondone

Madonna and Child 1320-30 - Giotto Di Bondone -

Title:Madonna and Child 1320-30
Painted by:Giotto Di Bondone
Location:National Gallery Of Art, Washington, DC, USA
Dimensions:24.41 inch wide x 33.47 inch high

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I came across an old black and white print of this at a 2nd hand shop.On the back was a note stating that this piece was probably painted originally as the central decoration of an altarpiece for the Badia Church in Florence. Anyone know if this is so? It also states that "Ancestors of French actor Eduardo de Max picked it up in Rome in early 1800's." I don't know if it referring to the print or the painting. It's simply wonderful how an attraction to a piece of art can open my curiosity to worlds I never even dreamed I would have given a thought to. ha cha cha!
Giotto DiBondone madonna and child 1320-30
Posted by Sariah Daine on 22.February 2010, 08:34

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